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How broiler super pre-starter diets impact bird growth

By targeting the needs of the young chick, its performance can be improved, but the investment needs to make overall economic sense. This is the topic of a new article published by WATTAgNet. Weitelesen

Beginning of the end of antibiotics in poultry production?

An article from Watt AgNet focuses on how antibiotics are being phased out of modern poultry production. The article is based on a seminar with speaker Brett Lumpkins, PhD, Southern Poultry Research who spoke on “Bridging the Gap in Feeding Antibiotic Restricted Broilers" at IPPE 2017. The seminar was hosted by HAMLET PROTEIN. Weitelesen

Feed holds the key to a healthy young animal gut

In a recently published article in the magazine AllAboutFeed focus is set on how feed holds the key to a healthy young animal gut. The article was published in a special edition of the magazine where the focus is on gut health in relation to young animal nutrition. Weitelesen

Broiler super pre-starter formulation secrets revealed

In an article for WATT AgNet, nutrition editor Ioannis Macromichalis writes about the results from feeding a super pre-starter broiler formula versus a conventional one for the first seven days post-hatch in a European commercial facility. Weitelesen

Digestive and nutrient requirements of young chicks need to be recognized

In an article in FeedNavigator Senior Editor Jane Byrne interviews Technical Sales Manager David Nelson from HAMLET PROTEIN on the digestive and nutrient requirements of young chicks. Weitelesen

Can highly digestible specialty proteins in broiler starter feed fill the antibiotic-free gap?

Growth-promoting antibiotics have become a no-go in starter feeds for newly hatched chicks. So what can manufacturers do now to enhance early growth and overall broiler performance? Article by WattAgNet. Weitelesen

Curbing antibiotic use in chickens: What feeding strategies are working?

HAMLET PROTEIN co-sponsored a webinar by FeedNavigator on Curbing antibiotic use in chickens: What feeding strategies are working? Even if you missed out, you can still listen on-demand and capture the highlights. Weitelesen

Why use a starter feed from the day the chicks hatch?

In an article brought in in World Poultry Nutritionist Carsten Pedersen discusses why it is so important to give hatchlings an easily digestible diet, so they can grow to their full potential. Weitelesen

Better broilers from top to toe

The article written by Thikhamporn Charoenwai, Poultry Nutritionist at HAMLET PROTEIN concludes that specialty soy protein reduces foot pad lesions and improves overall performance in lifecycle feeding trial. Weitelesen

10 important days in the life of a broiler

Why does an efficient starter diet during the first ten days make a difference to broiler performance throughout the production lifecycle? A feeding trial done at the University of New England, Australia, has investigated the carry-over effect of HP AviStart from HAMLET PROTEIN on broiler digestive systems. Weitelesen

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